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Learning without borders

Martello Training Ltd. is part of an EU-funded initiative to further learning across EU borders and improve the employability of countries in the EU through the organisation of unpaid internships for European students, professionals and unemployed people.

Our programs are based on organising accommodation and work placement for interns from EU to work in Ireland. All of their living expenses and insurances (health, travel and professional) are paid for through EU Mobility funds.

We also organise study visits for European education professionals to gain insight into how their field is taught in Ireland. This benefits both the visitors and the host institutions as it allows them to exchange ideas and improve their methods of teaching. Companies that host study visits can use these as an opportunity to get a feel for the program before they accept interns.

If you would like to contact us in regard to organising internships for your company or are interested in participating as a host for study visits from European education professionals, you can email us at

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